Dynamics CRM and SharePoint (and BizTalk) for emergency response

How would you build a reliable, scalable and highly available emergency response application to handle real-time incidents and biological hazards? Built on the Microsoft technology stack, the solution implements Dynamics CRM as resource management platform to roster and mobilise teams and assets from different locations. SharePoint offers the portal for entering resource availability, mobilisation requirements and timesheets from anywhere, at any time, on any device. BizTalk is the glue that connects the outside world to the emergency response application. This session explores the solution architecture for deploying and integrating Dynamics CRM with the SharePoint portal and external applications via the BizTalk Enterprise Service Bus. What are the considerations to take for security, scalability, performance, high availability, disaster recovery? How would you structure your team to build and deliver such solution? What are the technical challenges in implementing a real-time application using the mentioned platforms, and how to resolve them? Targeted at enterprise and software architects, and business analysts mainly, this session presents design and infrastructure patterns, best practices, and guidelines considered for the implementation of a highly available and responsive Resource Management System based on the Microsoft technology stack.



 Presented at
Office 365 Saturday Australia
Adelaide, Australia (Sep 2015)

Office 365 Saturday Australia
Melbourne, Australia (Aug 2015)

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