Kinecting with your class: An interactive learning experience for Office 365

Kinect for Windows offers an engaging and interactive approach to learning that completes the experience of teachers and students using Office 365 for Education. By showcasing the principles of developing applications for Kinect, and specifically integrating the Kinect experience with Office 365 for Education, this session describes the benefits of introducing gesture-based interactions and voice recognition as part of a class program in a school. This real case study focuses on using SharePoint for Office 365 for Education, and the Kinect sensor for “gamifying” quiz sessions in a school class, by recognizing specific gesture and voice for identifying the correct answer. The application is built with expandability in mind, allowing teachers to create bespoke quizzes directly in SharePoint Online and assign them to the students’ own curriculum. Let’s put it all together for an exciting learning experience: a web-based learning platform based on Office 365 for Education, Kinect for Windows for interacting with students and making learning fun, and an extensible quiz app in SharePoint for developing interactive tests that recognize gesture and voice.



 Presented at
SharePoint Saturday
Redmond, United States (Oct 2015)

ShareThePoint Conference
Auckland, New Zealand (Jul 2014)

ShareThePoint Conference
Sydney, Australia (Jul 2014)

SharePoint Fest
New York City, United States (Jun 2014)

SharePoint Saturday
Gulf, (Online) (Apr 2014)

Microsoft TechEd
Gold Coast, Australia (Sep 2013)

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